Apple concept in marketing research theory

10 Business Marketing Strategies That Made Apple Worth Billions

Consumer behavior marketing is an essential ingredient in the current business climate. The companies that apply this type of marketing well have a distinct competitive advantage that distances them from their rivals.

Consumer behavior research is the primary driver at the core of any good strategy. Research provides actionable insight and ensures business success.

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Every business has a target audience and consumer behavior marketing provides the fundamental methods for understanding your target. Consumer behavior research provides the underlying element that drives quality strategies and ensures business results.

This quote defining marketing sums up the importance of consumer behavior from David Meerman Scottmarketing authority, online marketing strategist, speaker, and best-selling author.

Then creating valuable products, services, and information especially for them to help solve their problems.

apple concept in marketing research theory

The organizations that have an intimate understanding of their target audience possess a competitive advantage over those that do not. Establishing a one-to-one relationship and thorough knowledge of your target audience is a core responsibility for business in the 21st century and beyond. The information in this post can be applied to any business type.

Apple Marketing Strategy: A Brief Overview

This post focuses on Apple B2C employing consumer behavior marketing as a critical ingredient for their success. Have you ever wondered why Apple is so successful? They were not the first company to invent the personal computer, portable music device, the tablet, the smartphone, software to download music, or the set-top box to name a few. Apple has amassed a brand loyal following like no other brand backed by significant sales, market share, and profitability.

So, how does Apple do it? Marketing using consumer behavior insight is how Apple succeeds.

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Even though Steve Jobs and Apple, did not use consumer research in the initial development of most products, consumer behavior plays a huge role in their marketing and ultimately the success of the company. Once a consumer purchases a product or downloads iTunes Apple has access to data the company leverages. Apple uses this information to gain significant insight into the consumer and what drives purchase behavior.Apple Inc.

Such diversity in operations brings Apple Inc. These competitors are known for their aggressiveness in innovation and marketing. As a result, Apple has a marketing mix that involves various strategies and tactics that correspond to the approaches of these other firms. In developing its marketing mix, Apple Inc.

This approach involves capitalizing on the premium brand, and ensuring that all of the 4P elements support the maintenance of a strong brand image.

Reinforced with appropriate 4Ps, such response to the market enables the corporation to keep its wide profit margins.

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These conditions help fulfill Apple Inc. This marketing mix element determines the outputs of the business organization. However, the company continues to expand its product mix, creating the possibility of adding non-IT-related products in this 4P element.

These product lines are associated with human resource utilization and business processes based on product-based divisions, which are a characteristic of Apple Inc. The Mac product line includes desktop and laptop computers of various sizes for different market segments. On the other hand, the iPad, iPhone, iPod, and Apple Watch are mobile devices with some functions similar to those of Mac products. This element of the marketing mix shows that the company operates in the consumer electronics products.

This element of the marketing mix reflects Apple Inc. This element of the marketing mix involves the selection of appropriate places or venues through which the company distributes its products. Apple Store is a subsidiary of Apple Inc. For example, these stores sell MacBook units, as well as peripheral devices from other companies.

Apps, music, movies, and other digital content are available through online stores for desktop and mobile, such as the App Store and the iTunes Store. In this element of the marketing mix, the inclusion of these online distribution channels helps optimize international market reach.

Also, Apple Inc. These sellers operate stores in various strategic locations, such as in shopping malls in different markets around the world. The sellers include large retail firms like Walmart and Best Buy. Some authorized resellers sell through their own stores as well as their seller accounts on Amazon. Also called the marketing communications mix, this element of the marketing mix determines the communications tactics that the company uses to reach its target customers.

In addressing this 4P element, the company emphasizes the premium brand image and premium quality of its products. The company has agreements with various prominent websites to advertise and promote Apple products. In addition, the company uses personal selling in the form of Apple Store employees who provide product-specific information in the aim of convincing store visitors to make a purchase.

Also, among the 4Ps, this element involves sales promotion, which usually happens at the Apple Store locations and authorized reseller locations. For example, some locations offer old models at discounted prices when bundled with larger or more expensive products. Moreover, the company uses public relations to optimize its corporate image.

For instance, Apple Events, leaks of new product features, press releases, and exclusive interviews are carefully executed to maximize positive publicity. The company is also involved in various initiatives, such as ConnectED, which aims to improve formal education outcomes, while promoting the business and its products.

The company uses such communications tactics to satisfy this element of the marketing mix, pertaining to business needs in reaching more customers worldwide. The premium pricing strategy involves offering products at a premium.

In theory, a premium is an amount that is applied in addition to the typical or common price. For example, in general, iPhones are more expensive than Samsung smartphones. Premium pricing maximizes profit margins. Such combination ensures competitiveness. Aside from premium pricing, the company also uses the freemium pricing strategy.In this chapter, we will examine what is a theory, why do we need theories in research, what are the building blocks of a theory, how to evaluate theories, how can we apply theories in research, and also presents illustrative examples of five theories frequently used in social science research.

Theories are explanations of a natural or social behavior, event, or phenomenon. More formally, a scientific theory is a system of constructs concepts and propositions relationships between those constructs that collectively presents a logical, systematic, and coherent explanation of a phenomenon of interest within some assumptions and boundary conditions Bacharach Theories should explain why things happen, rather than just describe or predict.

Note that it is possible to predict events or behaviors using a set of predictors, without necessarily explaining why such events are taking place. For instance, market analysts predict fluctuations in the stock market based on market announcements, earnings reports of major companies, and new data from the Federal Reserve and other agencies, based on previously observed correlations.

Prediction requires only correlations. In contrast, explanations require causationsor understanding of cause-effect relationships. Establishing causation requires three conditions: 1 correlations between two constructs, 2 temporal precedence the cause must precede the effect in timeand 3 rejection of alternative hypotheses through testing. Scientific theories are different from theological, philosophical, or other explanations in that scientific theories can be empirically tested using scientific methods.

Explanations can be idiographic or nomothetic. Idiographic explanations are those that explain a single situation or event in idiosyncratic detail. For example, you did poorly on an exam because: 1 you forgot that you had an exam on that day, 2 you arrived late to the exam due to a traffic jam, 3 you panicked midway through the exam, 4 you had to work late the previous evening and could not study for the exam, or even 5 your dog ate your text book.

The explanations may be detailed, accurate, and valid, but they may not apply to other similar situations, even involving the same person, and are hence not generalizable. In contrast, nomothetic explanations seek to explain a class of situations or events rather than a specific situation or event. For example, students who do poorly in exams do so because they did not spend adequate time preparing for exams or that they suffer from nervousness, attention-deficit, or some other medical disorder.

Because nomothetic explanations are designed to be generalizable across situations, events, or people, they tend to be less precise, less complete, and less detailed. However, they explain economically, using only a few explanatory variables. Because theories are also intended to serve as generalized explanations for patterns of events, behaviors, or phenomena, theoretical explanations are generally nomothetic in nature.

While understanding theories, it is also important to understand what theory is not. Theory is not data, facts, typologies, taxonomies, or empirical findings. A collection of facts is not a theory, just as a pile of stones is not a house. Likewise, a collection of constructs e. Data, facts, and findings operate at the empirical or observational level, while theories operate at a conceptual level and are based on logic rather than observations.Accordingly, instead of conducting marketing researches to identify customer needs and wants, the multinational technology company prefers to install innovative features and capabilities in their products, making customers to want Apple products.

Moreover, marketing communication mix of Apple Inc. Apple is a unique company in a way that it is a design firm, a media platform, a publishing company, a software powerhouse and a computer manufacturer — all at the same time. Such a position allows the company to communicate its value proposition to target customer segment in a cost-effective manner. Instead, marketing strategy of Apple relies mainly on two pillars — product placement especially with celebrities and in popular shows and the buzz created by positive reviews in the media.

Apple systematically benefits from the buzz created by positive reviews in the media — both, traditional, as well as, social media. The company achieves positive reviews due to high quality and advanced features and specifications of its products and services. Moreover, the multinational technology company proactively contributes to the creation of positive reviews in the social media.

For example, Apple usually sends new iPhones to select technology and mainstream media outlets to allow them to publish reviews before the phones went on sale. Apple Inc Report contains a full analysis of Apple marketing strategy. Moreover, the report contains analyses of Apple leadership, organizational structure and organizational culture.

The report also comprises discussions of Apple business strategy, ecosystem and addresses issues of corporate social responsibility. Category: Marketing. Tags: IT.A few years before Sony co-founder Akio Morita passed away, I had a chance to interview him about his decision to buy a movie studio.

But for Apple, hardware is simply a vehicle for delivering its other creations, like user interfaces, apps and services the lattermost of which is an important source of growth for the company. Taken together, these components power a rich cross-platform experience that allow Apple users to keep their myriad devices in sync and up-to-date.

He turned it off, put it on the table and asked me what I saw. I replied that it was a block of metal with a glass screen. His reply? I remember the conversation well, because it has shaped my understanding of the company ever since. As Apple sees it, the iPhone is a blank canvas on which it can paint. The Android world in particular suffers from terrible bifurcation, exacerbated by the myriad hardware and software versions available.

We all know how Apple disrupted the PC market with the Mac, introducing the graphical user interface and mouse to a wide audience for the first time. We also know how it disrupted the music industry with the iPod, and the communications world with the iPhone. The iPad, meanwhile, set off further disruption of the PC world. All of that hardware had one thing in common: Powerful hardware, yes, but more importantly, a user interface, apps and services that people loved, or still love.

Sales aside, the device also helped Apple make progress on its longtime quest to reinvent television. Jobs probably envisioned an actual television set, and rumors of Apple making one never seem to die. As my friend Benedict Evans of venture capital firm Andreesen Horwitz recently tweeted:. Tim Bajarin is recognized as one of the leading industry consultants, analysts and futurists, covering the field of personal computers and consumer technology.

Bajarin is the President of Creative Strategies, Inc and has been with the company since where he has served as a consultant providing analysis to most of the leading hardware and software vendors in the industry.

Contact us at letters time. By Tim Bajarin. The Leadership Brief. Conversations with the most influential leaders in business and tech. Please enter a valid email address.

How Apple Uses Consumer Behavior Marketing to Win

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apple concept in marketing research theory

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apple concept in marketing research theory

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Learning This 1 Thing Helped Me Understand Apple's Strategy

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apple concept in marketing research theory

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